Rashed Belhasa Verified Contact Details ( Phone Number, Social Profiles) | Profile Info

Rashed Belhasa Verified Contact Details ( Phone Number, Social Profiles) | Profile Info- Rashed Belhasa is an Internet star who is particularly famous on Youtube as well as on Instagram. He is quite fond of his shoes and often displays his shoe collections on his YouTube channel as well as on Instagram. Rashed runs his YouTube channel by the username “Money Kicks” and has gained more than 650,000 subscribers here. In his Instagram account, Rashed has engaged more than 550K followers. Rashed uploaded a video on his YouTube channel “MOST EXPENSIVE WATCHES IN THE WORLD !!!” on June 20, 2017. This video has got 224.3K Views. Belhasa ‘s most popular YouTube videos are part of his “Sneaker Talk” series. In this series, various celebrities have appeared such as Wiz Khalifa, Tyga, The Game, Silento, and Kid Ink.

Profile Info-

  • Name- Rashed Belhasa
  • Date of Birth- 5 January 2002
  • Birthplace- Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Age- 15 years
  • Height- 5’5”
  • Weight- 58 kg
  • Sunsign- Capricorn
  • Parents- Saif Ahmed Belhasa (Father)
  • Nationality – Dubaian

Verified Contact Details

Social SitesLink
Instagram @rsbelhasa
Snapchat Rashedbelhasa
Email Idrsbelhasabusiness@gmail.com
Phone NumberPermission Denied

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