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PerfectLaughs aka Jazmine Hood Verified Contact Details ( Phone Number, Social Profiles) | Wiki Profile Info- Perfect Laughs is the username of Jazmine Hood who is a famous an Internet star.  She often posts comedic videos as well as pranks for her fans. The social media star is also quite popular on a Vine with 1.7M followers. Hood created her first Vine video on May 4, 2013 “Welcome Loved ones.” Jasmine is also active on Instagram and Twitter. She has acquired more than 50.7K followers on Instagram and has gained over 12.8K followers on Twitter.

She collaborated with Gary Rojas and Jabbar Hakeem on a Vine video that Hakeem posted called “When Phone Calls Escalate Quickly.” On May 2017, Jasmine posted a video to his YouTube channel “IF YOU RAP YOU LOSE PART 8!! 999999% WILL FAIL!!!”. This video got 30.8K views. Here, we have provided all possible ways to interact with her. So, Her fan can contact this Internet star.

Profile Info-

  • Name- Jasmine Hood
  • Famous As- Perfect Laugh
  • Date of Birth- 7 October 1996
  • Birthplace- Arkansas
  • Age- 20 years
  • Height- 5’4”
  • Weight- 58-60 kg
  • Sunsign- Libra
  • Parents-N/A
  • Nationality –American

Verified Contact Details-

Social SitesLink

Phone NumberPermission Denied

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      1. I LOVE Jazz’s videos unsubscribe to a channel and I am 9 years old my birthday is March 18th and I live in Minot North Dakota my school is Lewis and Clark Elementary School especially the video she did that video one year ago and it was the hot sauce prank on her two cousins I forgot their names is it Naya and Kaya it was the one that she did that after death sauce it was it was funny the way she was putting the Louisiana hot sauce and the way she was dancing in the season singing the song it was just hilarious so funny my brother he likes her videos too my brother is 5 years old and his birthday is in June 28th so yeah Jasmine AKA jazz perfectlaughs I hope you read this comment and yeah love you girl bye

  1. Hey Bro Bro!!!!! Jazz you are my role model and I’ve made a poster and Imma post on instagram to let the world know like for real I wanna be jsut like you when I grow up!!!! Snapchat me: @candace.brown04…. DM me: @yungmonnaie… Twitter me: @yung_monnaie…. Subscribe my youtube channel: @iamofficiallyyungmonnaie

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