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Jack Dylan Grazer Verified Contact Details ( Phone Number, Social Profiles) | Height, Age, Profile Info- Jack Grazer aka Jack Dylan Grazer is an American Actor who is famous for his co-lead role of Eddie Kaspbrak in 2017 sequel of horror and thriller film ‘It’. He has started his acting debut with TV series The Greatest Event in Television History in 2014. In 2015, he has starred as Kayden Aukerman on the Netflix’s comedy TV-Talk show Comedy Bang! Bang! and he has also appeared in the film Tales of Halloween as Young Stranger. Currently, he is playing the lead role of Young Alex Riley on the CBS’s comedy TV series Me, Myself & I. In 2018, he will appear in the Drama Movie Beautiful Boy as NicSheff. This Television Star is also popular on Social Networking Sites Such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. You can contact him via the verified contact details.

Profile Info:

  • Name: Jack Grazer
  • Full Name: Jack Dylan Grazer
  • Date of Birth: 3 2003
  • Birth Place: Los Angeles, CA
  • Age: 14 years
  • Sun Sign: Virgo
  •  Height: 5’3″
  • Weight: 48 Kg
  • Mother’s Name: Angela Lafever
  • Father’s Name: Gavin Grazer
  • Profession: Actor
  • Nationality: American

Verified Contact Details:

Social SitesLink
InstagramJack Grazer
TwitterJack Grazer
FacebookJack Grazer
Phone NumberPermission Denied

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    1. Hi jack I am a big fan hope I see u soon you might not know who I am but I watch all your movies that your in and gazebo’s lol !!

  1. Hi my name isn’t kellia Rivera I want to become a actress just like you bc I know I can do it ever since I was 6 years old I have always wanted to become one I know I am in far rock away but I still think that I can do.

    Sin kellia rivera❤️????????????????????

  2. hi Jack did you know I have the same name as you that’s so cool and also are you a Goonies fan to because i’ve seen one of your videos when you listen to the Goonies song and I have a video to it’s J* M*Jack Mather well that’s the end of my comment love you Jack from Jack Mather.

  3. Hi Jack it’s me again I have seen the it movie and you my favored character in the movie is you and two favored movies are the 2017 it and deadpool and is you friend Finn Wolfhard because my friend Paul Rosel favored character is Finn Wolfhard and also I have a little brother his name is Joel he loves basket ball and drawing that’s his hobbie my hobbies are video games doing, voises of different characters and swimming. My lecheronecs are a playstation 4, cindle and a nintendo ds, and nintendo switch. That’s the end of my second comment from Jack Mather love you Jack.

  4. Hi Jack did you know I have the same name as you that is so cool and I have a youtube video to it’s called J* M* Jack Mather that’s the of my comment from Jack Mather.

  5. I saw the movie IT and I thought it was great and so were you ???????????? if you get this please email me back.????????

  6. Hi Jack! Your my favorite in IT. I really wish I could meet you because you are really cute???????????? Good luck in the future.

  7. Hi jack I love you I have been having dreams about you and I loved u I The it movie you were just the star iwas looking for I hope you can read this and I am going crazy to find your phone number I love and have a good day.


  8. Omg jack i just think that you are super cute. I really want to meet you. It has been my dream sense “IT” came out. I watch that movie so many times and everytime i mostly just pay attention to you and say to myself i want to marry him so much. Well when im older i will be famous and move to California because i live in ohio. I hope i get to meet you❤????????

  9. Hi jack,my name is emily laina maxwell.but you can call me mily or laina…actually i like you and love you as crush.but i know you already have ‘girlfriend’.her name was ellie hiyar,right?can i be your friend?i really like your movie with your friends….i hope you see this…

    Emily Laina Maxwell

  10. Hi, my name is Eve. I’m 15 years old and i’m a big fan of Jack. What I don’t understand is that everyone on here is “sending a message to Jack” believing he will respond and/or read their message, Jack is probably a very busy person, meanwhile, a bunch of fangirls/guys are sending him loads of messages that he doesn’t have time to read… I understand that you guys LOVE Jack and I love him too, but, give the guy a break, he doesn’t know who you are and that you exsist, and to be honest, it would be kinda creepy getting messages from random people saying, “I Love You so much!” or something weird like that, think about it. I’m not trying to sound or be mean, it’s just reality. But what sucks about liking someone who doesn’t even know you, is that sometimes, you have these crazy dreams of him/her and you want them to come true so bad, then you realize its never going to hsppen and you grt all depressed, or if you are someone who has a crush on Jack and is like 5 years younger than him, and every day you wish you were close to his age, so that maybe one day you wil be together or some weird dream like that, you are who you are. You don’t know who Jack is, he may seem sweet, nice, caring, funny, everything…But deep down he could be some mean stranger you don’t know. I’m not trying to ruin your love for Jack, but, once again…reality…
    -Eve :p

    1. And just to be clear, I love Jack too, he is and always will be a good person, I understand how you all feel. Please don’t hate me.
      – Eve :l

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