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Txunamy Verified Contact Details ( Phone Number, Social Profiles) | Profile Info- Txunamy is a popular social media celebrity, whose fame is growing day by day in Tik Tok and Instagram. she is one of the most followed child celebrity in Tik Tok. she has millions of fans on her Tik Tok account.  she often posts short comedy videos and music videos. Her parents have been very cooperative and her mother manages her Tik Tok and Instagram account.  she has a younger brother named Diesel and an elder sister named Solage. Both of them quite often feature in her videos. Her parents are also very much involved in her videos and often feature along with her in her videos apart from managing her account. she often posts fashion videos in her account.

Professional Profile & Career Highlights- 

  • BITH PLACE-  California
  • DATE OF BIRTH- March 23, 2009 ( 7 years)
  • MOTHER- Esthalla
  • SIBLINGS- Diesel ( Brother), Solage ( sister)
  • SUNSIGN- Aries
  • NATIONALITY: American

Contact Details-

( 14/3/2017)
TIK TOK@Txunamy


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If you want to get in touch with her, then you can contact her on the contact details shown above.

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  1. Hey @txunamy can you follow me on Instagram it Natalie Montezuma I am a big fan of you some time we can meet up bye and can you go to my house and bring clothes for me and buy me a iPhone x

  2. Hi Txunamy I am your biggest fan and I was wondering if we could could meet some day because that is my biggest wish and I have always wanted to be like you!!!I would like if you can text me on musically my account is @queen_awesomeness_10 , and just so you know my name is Addison!!

  3. dear familia diamond
    Txunamy please could move in with you my parents do not care about me she does not like me she chooses the clothes that i have to wear .if i put on the clothes that i would like to wear she would send me back up and to put on something else please come on holiday to england rochdale 51 king st east it is a brown door with a massive diamond on it the diamond means i am one of your biggest fans ever
    i love you guys and you will will always inspire me and make me stand up for what is right and wrong thnx for coming if your parents allow it
    i love you guys and Txunamy is so beautiful and cute i wish i see you sometime for real life
    i always subscribe hit the notification bell and share with people i know and i give a like to all your videos
    i feel really sorry about march pom that is such a cute name whoever named him because txunamy was born on march 13 2009 iwas born on the 4th of april 2009 i would love to win an iphone x because i am not allowed one in my whole life

  4. Hey, Txunamy I am hispanic too and my name is Joselyn Parra I am 11 and I look like a cousin of yours please text me at 417-693-5511

    1. I love your videos Txunamy I am a big fan of yours you inspire me to just be myself and to be afraid of what anybody thinks of yourself because you love yourself. I might be getting a YouTube channel and If I get one I will always tell everybody that you inspired me to do this so Thank you for that and I love your fashion you look like a diva and I really need that iPhone X si thank you for everything I wish I can see you in person but I live on Connecticut but I might be moving to California we will see thank you have fun and keep on inspiring everyone cause you do a good job doing it.

  5. Can you call me please I want to talk to you for the first time my name is Payton we are the same age I just turned 11 on March 11 and you turned 11 on March 23💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💕💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💕💕💕💕💕💖💖💖💖❤❤💓💓💓

  6. hi im mikayla and i was wondering if we can have a zoom meeting i subscribe to your chanel on youtube i also play roblox i followed on likee

  7. I FOUND HER REAL NUMBER WHO WANTS IT ITS +1(704)860—– She said don’t FaceTime her or call her just text shes busy

  8. Hi guys, thanks for watching my videos. I might contact some of you some time, just leave your phone number in the chat.

  9. HEY guys thanks for commenting nice things about me please give me your number and i will really answer you

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